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Fiveten Giant (Chris Priddy) is a veteran 3d generalist with 15-years of experience in multiple disciplines.

What do I do?

Simply put, just about anything related to creative digital media. I specialize particularly in any manner of photorealistic visualizations and animation. However, I'm a fairly capable motion graphics artist who can model, UV unwrap, light, texture, and render just about anything. If I had to list a shortcoming, it would probably be modeling characters.

What CAN I do?

I can provide services among, but not limited to, the following:

- 3d modeling

- CAD conversions

- 3d animation

- 3d lighting and texturing

- Photorealistic or stylistic rendering

- Unreal Engine

= Photography

- Retouching and plate integration

- Light programming/scripting

 I have a strong passion for digital art, and a maddening attention to detail. I work with high-end, industry standard software, as well as the developers of said software. I love what I do and go above and beyond to be sure that is shown in the quality of work that I produce.

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