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Fiveten Giant is headquartered out of Jeffersonville, IN (Louisville, KY)

What we do?

Simply put, we make 3d/2d explainer/advertisement animations and imagery to help companies promote, or explain their product, or service. In some cases we even provide interactive simulations, or VR/AR services.

How can we help you?

There are many situations that either require illustrations of scenarios that cannot be reproduced in real-life (e.g. cutting away parts, photorealistic shots of products that do not yet exist, animations of unsafe actions). As well, it's easier to make changes to these depictions on the fly, without multiple costly photoshoots.

What CAN we do?

We provide services among, but not limited to, the following:

- 3d modeling

- CAD conversions

- 3d animation

- 3d lighting and texturing

- Photorealistic or stylistic rendering

- Unity interactions

- VR/AR product popup and interactions

 We have a strong passion for digital art, and a maddening attention to detail.  We work with high-end software, as well as the developers of said software. We are professional, reliable, and we love our field; hopefully that speaks for itself in the quality of work that we produce.  We'd love your business, so tell us about your project and we'll happily provide a free quote!


-Chris Priddy

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